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eep (or eepsite): See: i2p

EK (Exploit Kit): Malware implemented on web servers with the intent of discovering vulnerabilities in network clients. This includes providing the ability to upload and execute malicious code on user systems. Designs are typically modular to allow a variety of vulnerabilities as well as provide the ability to swap out blocked vulnerabilities for working exploits. Interfaces may be provided to provide metrics on successful infections, provide ease of maintenance, and various other errata. On discovery of an exploit a drive by attack is launched downloading and installing malware on the client machine.

Well known EKs include: Neutrino, Nuclear, RiG, Magnitude, MPack, Phoenix, Blackhole, Crimepack, and Angler

ENUM: Another name for the E. 164 Number Mapping standard. Uses specialized DNS records to translate phone numbers into Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI).

Equation Group: A secretive and highly advanced computer espionage group; theorized to be tied to the NSA (the name is based on their use of strong encryption). They are assumed to be involved in major cyber operations such as Stuxnet. One unique feature of this group is the use of RC5 and RC6 encryption which are not used by other known groups.


  1. The act of using a vulnerability in code to gain unintended privileges or information from a victim device.
  2. Slang for a vulnerability of the attack surface of a secure system.
  3. "Not every bug is a vulnerability, not every vulnerability can be exploited."

Exploit Framework: Exploit Frameworks provide a skeleton, or frame, around which an exploit can be designed and built. This allows for the rapid creation of stable attack platforms, without the attacker needing to develop their own custom exploits for known vulnerabilities. Sets of scripts developed within a framework are often shared or sold as part of a subscription with basic sets containing information for multiple targets, and tools to allow attackers to hide their trail. Well known Frameworks include Metasploit, Veil, and Canvas.

Extranet: A website that allows third parties controlled access to certain portions of an organization's intranet.