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  • ThreatSTOP 4.06 Release NotesThe ThreatSTOP 4.06 release adds the option to sort by hits on the Client IP Summary, and Traffic Summary reports. Multiple user experience issues in the user portal were also resolved. 
  • ThreatSTOP 4.05 Release NotesThe ThreatSTOP 4.05 release adds a new Port filter for IP firewall reporting, an Exception filter, and new Geographic targets based around Top-Level Domains (TLDs) such as .ru for all Russian domains.
  • ThreatSTOP 4.01 Release NotesThe ThreatSTOP 4.01 release adds Reporting Alerts and Notifications.
  • ThreatSTOP 4.0 Release NotesThe ThreatSTOP 4.0 release adds our Beta Next Generation IP Firewall Reports, and eliminates a reporting display bug for Internet Explorer users.
  • ThreatSTOP Shield 3.95 Release NotesThe ThreatSTOP Shield 3.95 release adds a new Date Summary report to Next Gen Reporting for DNS Firewall Devices.
  • ThreatSTOP Shield 3.90 Release NotesThe ThreatSTOP Shield 3.90 release optimizes Response Policy Zones (RPZ), Check Indicator Of Compromise (IOC), and adds Research and Emailed reporting functionality to NG reporting.
  • ThreatSTOP Shield 3.70 Release NotesThe ThreatSTOP Shield 3.70 release adds new functionality to our Next Gen DNS Firewall reports, as well as Next Gen Reporting support for Azure DNS Firewall accounts.
  • ThreatSTOP Shield 3.50 Release NotesThe ThreatSTOP Shield 3.50 release fixes performance issues for the service. It also adds Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) support.
  • ThreatSTOP Shield 3.40 Release NotesThe ThreatSTOP Shield 3.40 release delivers improvements to the user interface, and adds two-factor authentication for additional account security, improvements include:
  • ThreatSTOP Centralized Manager 1.04 OVA Public Release NotesThe ThreatSTOP Centralized Manager (TSCM) 1.04 OVA release delivers improvements for ThreatSTOP customers using supported appliances.
  • ThreatSTOP Centralized Server 1.03 OVA Public Release NotesThe ThreatSTOP Centralized Manager (TSCM) 1.03 OVA release offers ThreatSTOP customers using supported Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, and Cisco IOS and ASA appliances a streamlined interface. This interface allows for a simplified configuration experience, and the ability to control one or more network appliances from any supported manufacturer through one management device.
  • ThreatSTOP Shield 3.60 Release NotesThe ThreatSTOP Shield 3.60 release focuses on enhancing our reporting capabilities and threat cross-references. Several minor bugs were also corrected.