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Email reporting in ThreatSTOP is easily configurable. By visiting the report screen that you wish to receive an email for, and clicking on the Save/Edit Email Report button a dialog pop-up will appear allowing you to set the following settings:

  • Save As: If you've previously created a report for this Report Type, you'll be able to overwrite its settings by selecting the name of the report here.
  • Title: A brief title for the report.
  • Email Address: The email address the report should be sent to.
  • Email CCs: If the email should be sent to more than one address, enter the extras (up to three) here.
  • Frequency: How often the emails should be sent out, this can be Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
  • Daily Report Time: Determines the time of day (to the second) that an email report can be started. The time is set on a 24-hour clock.
    The Daily Report Time sets the time the report is scheduled to run, it may not reflect the time the report arrives, particularly in cases of very large reports, or very common report times.

  • Timezone: Sets the referenced time zone for the Daily Report Time, that is, setting the Timezone to America/Los_Angeles and the Daily Report Time to run at 8:09:35 will cause the report to run at 8:09:35 Los Angeles time (GMT+8), it will also adjust the times in the report to match this setting.

Once a given report is configured it can be saved by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the pop-up this will save the changes to your account and close the pop-up. Alternatively you can clear out new settings and close the pop-up by clicking Cancel.

Email Reports Management

The email reporting screens for DNS Firewall and IP Firewall are identical and provide an at-a-glance view of the user's created reports. No editing of the reports can happen from this screen, however reports may be deleted from the account by clicking on the delete icon (). In cases where large numbers of reports are associated with an account the view can be adjusted to display more than the default 10 entries by adjusting the Show ## entries dropdown. If more reports are associated with the account than are visible with the current limit a paginator is available at the bottom right of the report clicking on the page number or Previous or Next will adjust reports being displayed.

  • Title: Name given to the report when it was created.

    DNS FirewallIP Firewall
    Threat SummaryThreat Summary
    Client IP SummaryCombined Summary
    Combined SummaryIP Date Summary
     Traffic Summary
  • Recipient: Lists the primary email address associated with the report, which is the email address entered in the Email Address field during report creation.


    CC'ed emails are not visible in this report.

  • Frequency: Shows often the email is compiled and sent.

  • Report: Denotes the Report Type. Available Report types are listed to the right.

  • Actions: Actions available to take on the report. Currently this is limited to report deletion.